“If Judy were a midwife I’d let her deliver my baby”

Graham Gouldman, 10cc

“The winner, for the third year running, was Judy Totton. The judges were impressed with Totton’s attention to detail in the pre-planning stages, her follow-through and organisation on the day and the impressive media exposure attained for what was a difficult project.”

Music Week on the MW Awards

“One of Judy’s main talents is her 100% commitment to whatever she is working on. She has a focused and unflappable dedication and has always come up with answers and solved any problem before it happened. When we need an excellent PR company Judy Totton Publicity is always the first company we call.”

Paul Naylor, Mercenary Music Services

“Judy Totton Publicity is a PR company Telstar like working with – always reliable, very efficient and a real pleasure to deal with.”

Ray Levy, Telstar Records

“I just wanted to write and thank you for your support during the appeal…I know that your help with the publicity throughout the appeal was invaluable”

Sarah Mitchell, National Appeals Officer, War On Want

“I would like to congratulate you and your staff on the very successful work you did for me. I look forward to us working together again on future projects.”

Peter Griffin, artist

“Never before have I seen such a thorough job of coordination of the press as I witnessed at Donington this year. Our compliments and thanks are simply not enough. Thanks for a completely professional job”

J. W. Williams, Vice President/Tour Manager ZZ Top

“Thank you Judy for a job so very well done. I hope I’ll have the pleasure of working with you again on future tours.”

Brenda Lee

“All of us really appreciate the contribution that you made which has presented the visit and our organisation in the best possible light. Thank you again for being so generous with your time.”

Alison Murdoch, director Jamyang Centre on the Dalai Lama’s visit

“Her work is to the highest standard and gained true respect and admiration from all involved. With Judy you not only get a friend to the project but a truly committed individual who gives beyond the call of duty, a commitment I have not experienced from any other PR firm I have known.”

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven, Earth Love Fund

“Over the years I’ve had considerable experience with various PR companies and I can honestly say that with Judy Totton the exposure is kept to a maximum and the bullshit to a minimum.“

Peter Reichardt, ex-MD EMI Music Publishing

“In the savage cut-and-thrust of a normal working day, a phone call from Judy is always a pleasant event and never a waste of time. She understands her clients, she understands the media and knows how to bring the two together for their mutual benefit. I wish I knew loads of PRs like Judy, but there are very few. Hers are the calls I would never wish to avoid.”

Paul Du Noyer, Journalist

“We’ve worked with Judy many times because she always delivers the goods. We know we can rely on her completely and we do, she never lets us down”

Maurice Jones, ex-MD MCP

“Judy Totton makes sure that when you want to flaunt it you REALLY flaunt it”


“In the music industry it’s often rare to get a feeling of sincerity coupled with long-standing commitment. Judy gives us this and more. She has an understanding that is invaluable.”

Marlene Ross, ex-Manager Runrig

“Judy isn’t your usual PR. She takes a softly softly approach, like the best undercover agent, and gets brilliant results. She was fantastically effective in creating publicity for our Ethan Russell exhibition and I’d thoroughly recommend her to anyone who’s at all interested in highly professional, effective PR.“

Raj Prem | Raj Prem Fine Art Photography

‘ …Ms Totton is one of the safest pair of hands in the business. She.. front(ed) one of the biggest press events of the year.”

The Guardian

“Judy anticipates results and gives you thought-provoking commentary and input. I first met her on a Bowie tour and I’ve called for her advice, opinion and assistance ever since.”

Wayne Forte, Entourage Talent Associates USA

“Sorry it’s taken so long to thank you for your photographs. They are great. You are a genuinely talented photographer. the shot of me and my daughter is brill!”

Jean-Jacques Burnell, The Stranglers

“I could have waxed much longer and more lyrical about the astonishing tidal wave of publicity you managed to summon up from nowhere in five days flat for the RAR gig. You did a fantastic job… thank you SO much.”

Tom Robinson

“Judy Totton Publicity does exactly what it says on the tin”

Joe Brown